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The History

Since the 1940’s, there has been a demand for live music – a band and live performances. And then came the “DJ”. Disc Jockey’s or “DJ’s” became popular for introducing and playing music to a live audience. A DJ mixes two sources of music simultaneously to create a smooth transition and align and integrate beats to create a unique masterpiece. Musical science!


Where It All Started
DJ Bogey is a Music-Mix Architect. He enjoys the entertainment, the performance, and the construction of sound. He has been in the game for 10 years and has love for music. He has endless endurance and can perform and entertain for hours upon hours! His sultry swag, urban flare, and eccentric music mixes began on a city street in the “Windy City” of Chicago. Growing up, he was very introspective at how listen to music - the melodies, the beats, and lyrical compositions.

In 1999, he enlisted in the United States Navy. Even in the military, he shared and embraced his passion for music. During any down time, he would show up too many of his comrade’s parties and celebrations.

When stationed in Houston, TX he began hanging out at house-parties and attending birthday celebrations. He became well-known for asking “where is the DJ?” 

Times Have Changed

We have adjusted ourselves to choosing unconventional methods of listening to good music (i.e. playlists, podcasts, streaming music). But nothing replaces great mixes!

DJ Bogey’s love for music is loud, it’s profound, it’s magnifying, it’s electric! And if you have ever had the experience of witnessing his performance – you would agree that it is invaluable!

He spends much of his time in the creative process of integrating ‘smash’ beats with ingenious mixes. This makes him one of the hottest DJs emerging these streets.

DJ Bogey currently serves as the resident DJ for the Naval Air Station (Fort Worth Chief Petty Officers
Association) and for the Southwest Airlines Dallas Station Culture Committee. He is a Retired US Navy
Chief who served his country for 22 Years.

During his down time, when he is not listening to music or composing mixes, DJ Bogey enjoys playing the
piano and volunteering at the YMCA.

Although he is skilled in Aviation Electronics and certified as an FAA remote pilot, DJ Bogey is also skilled at creating distinctive mixes and delivering quality music. He has made a commitment to do his part in creating memorable moments through the quality of sound.

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