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DJ on the Set


Since the 1940’s, there has been a demand for live music – a band and live performances. And then came the “DJ”. Disc Jockey’s or “DJ’s” became popular for introducing and playing music to a live audience. A DJ mixes two sources of music simultaneously to create a smooth transition and align and integrate beats to create a unique masterpiece. Musical science!


DJ Bogey is a Music-Mix Architect with a deep passion for entertainment, performance, and the art of sound construction. With a decade of experience in the industry, he has cultivated a profound love for music and possesses boundless endurance, capable of captivating audiences for hours on end.  Born and raised in the vibrant streets of Chicago, the "Windy City," DJ Bogey's sultry swag, urban flair, and eclectic music mixes took shape. His upbringing instilled in him a reflective nature, allowing him to appreciate music on a deeper level—immersing himself in melodies, beats, and lyrical compositions. In 1999, DJ Bogey embarked on a new chapter of his life by enlisting in the United States Navy. Even during his military service, he continued to share and embrace his passion for music. During any downtime, he eagerly took the opportunity to enliven his comrades' parties and celebrations, infusing them with his infectious energy. DJ Bogey’s presence in the local music scene began to grow during his stationing in Virginia Beach, VA. He started frequenting house parties and attending birthday celebrations, becoming widely recognized for his signature inquiry: "Where is the DJ?"

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DJ on the Set


In a world where unconventional methods like playlists, podcasts, and streaming dominate our music consumption, DJ Bogey remains a steadfast advocate for the irreplaceable magic of great mixes. His love for music resonates loudly, profoundly, magnifying its power and creating an electric atmosphere. Those fortunate enough to witness his performances can attest to the immeasurable value they hold.


DJ Bogey devotes much of his time to creatively blending "smash" beats with ingenious mixes, solidifying his position as one of the hottest emerging DJs in the industry.


Beyond his musical endeavors, DJ Bogey is a retired US Navy Chief Aircraft Mechanic, proudly serving his country for an impressive 22 years. During his downtime, when he's not immersed in the world of music or crafting mesmerizing mixes, he finds solace in playing the piano and cherishing quality time with his beloved family.

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